Empowerment Program

To prepare victims to participate in AIDA’s mission, a modest but meaningful empowerment program is envisioned that is aimed at mental, physical and financial empowerment of victims who have often lost their livelihood as a result of a terrorist attack. Firstly, AIDA plans to organize Mental Support Groups, where a small team of relevant experts (e.g. psychologists, community cohesion experts, rehabilitation experts) and AIDA staff engages with victims in their own communities, to help them process what had happened, and what their new place and direction in life is and could be. Secondly, AIDA seeks to lobby relevant authorities for greater medical support for victims of terrorism. Thirdly, a limited scholarship program will be set up to help victims pay for the education of their children, alleviating their financial burden. Although these activities are not at the core of AIDA’s work, they do support the mission by addressing some of the victims' primary concerns.

Outreach Program

AIDA aims to train victims to share their stories to youths in schools and other communities across Indonesia to, among other things, show the human cost of political violence and instill a positive and constructive attitude in life. 

Rehabilitation Program

AIDA also endeavors to promote dialogue between victims of terrorism and convicted perpetrators of such political violence through the theme of forgiveness in order to facilitate successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

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